Update: Contractor charged for stealing gift card, running over customer's foot

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A contractor working for a company called Odd Jobs has now been charged and jailed for pulling own odd job and leaving a customer with an injured foot.

According to police, a woman wanting work done on her home called a local company called Odd Jobs, and a man named Danny Nunn showed up at her home on Wilson Road in Salisbury.

The woman was standing at the side of the road talking to Nunn while he sat in his car.  Police say the woman had mentioned to Nunn that she had a Lowe's gift card to pay for some of the work.

Police say Nunn took the card, telling the woman he was calling Lowe's to see what the balance was on the card.  After he learned that the card was worth $151, Nunn allegedly stepped on the gas of his car and took off, running over the woman's foot with his silver, four door Hyundai.

Police issued warrants for Nunn's arrest on charges of larceny and assault with a deadly weapon. Nunn was arrested early Friday morning.  He is being held under $5000 bond.