Wrestler overcomes the odds, makes a national name

Wrestling Sensation

Inside the ring, he is a 6 foot 5, 320 pound beast, but outside the ropes, you'll find Charles Stevenson doesn't strike fear in hearts, he melts them.

"When I was 4 years old me and my play Daddy we used to sit by the TV and watch wrestling," said Charles, who goes by "Freight Train".

As a child, he dreamed of being one of the stars tossed around on TV. As an adult, he knocked on every door he could.

"He'd been around every locker room and got laughed at and made fun of to his face and behind his back."

Jake Feuerbach is the owner and promoter of 5 dollar wrestling. Jake figured, for each person that laughed at Freight Train, he could get at least 5 to watch him wrestle. And he was right.

"I get several hundred people that want to see Freight Train, people from the UK, people from Australia people from Canada from all over this country. The only reason they're showing up is to see Freight Train."

He's called a sensation now. That rarely wrestles to less than a full house.

"It's a guy who traveled for over a decade just trying to find his place in this world and he never gave up and he just worked hard and I just think that's a story that needs to be told to everybody."

Right now, Freight Train has an opportunity to go international. Jake and his team are about $1,500  shy of raising enough money to send the big guy to England to wrestle. It's an opportunity he earned himself, with arms that could break people, and a heart that belongs in a teddy bear.

If you'd like to help Freight Train make his trip to England you can find information on his crowd funding page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/460538362/5-wrestlings-freight-train-goes-to-england?ref=home_location

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