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Second alleged sex abuse victim takes stand in Gary Goins trial


On Tuesday, jurors heard testimony from the second of three alleged sexual abuse victims of a former Gaston County High School wrestling coach.

Gary Goins is charged with 22 sex crimes against minors.

The witness told Jurors he met Goins while in the 4th grade and he is also the younger brother of another alleged victim who took the stand on Friday.

He painted a picture for the jury of Goins as an abusive person.

The witness testified during road trips Goins would smack him and other teammates across the head with his college class ring.

He went on to say Goins would give them wedgies so hard that skin was broken and he'd choked out his wrestlers to the point of unconsciousness.

"I watched someone get choked out to the point where they urinated on themselves because they lost control of their bodily functions," the witness testified.

"All while smiling and laughing about it, while I was in tears," he continued.

The witness later testified he slept in the same bed as Goins during road trips and that's when the alleged sexual abuse began.

He went on to say he was abused twice in the summers of '99 and 2000 at his parents' home when Goins would perform "mental training sessions" that would eventually turn sexual.

At the time, the former wrestler says he was too scared to tell anyone.

"I wanted to be on that team since I was a kid, I wanted to wrestle since I was a kid. I just wanted to wrestle. The last thing I wanted to do was to stop that from happening," said the witness.

He told jurors that it wasn't until a conversation with a family friend, revealing that another teammate may have been abused by Goins, that he built up the courage to tell police.

The witness finally told his older brother and several other former wrestlers about his encounters with Goins before going to officials.

He says all of them said they didn't want to get involved, with one alleged victim telling him, "Dude, I'd rather die than talk about this."

Shortly into the defense's cross examination, court ended earlier than usual on Tuesday because one of the jurors had an appointment that couldn't be missed.

The defense will pick questioning back up Wednesday morning.

Goins' charges include indecent liberties with a child, indecent liberties with a student and statutory rape/sex offense of a child six years old or older.

On June 6, 2013, he was also charged with two counts of crimes against nature.

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