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Former wrestlers take stand in Gary Goins trial


The trial continues for the former wrestling coach accused of committing sex acts with three wrestlers. Monday afternoon Gary Scott Goins' accusers did not testify against him, but other former wrestlers spoke.
The men who took the stand were in high school almost 20 years ago. They described trips they took with then-coach Goins when no other adults were there. Prosecutors say they are establishing the coach's pattern of isolation, intimidation and control.
No actual sexual act was recounted, but the testimony was still graphic. Former wrestlers talked about going on trips with their coach, and one particular camping trip.
During the camping trip one wrestler, Dale Shehan, described before he was on the high school team he and a few other younger wrestlers were ordered by older wrestlers to strip, left in a cave and told to find their way back to the camp ground.
Shehan described another incident where he was blindfolded and told to perform a sex act. After the blindfold was taken off he learned there was only food involved, but he says he was still shaken up.
"Coach Goins pulled me aside and asked if me I was alright said he wanted to see how dedicated we was to the team. Pretty much, how much dedication we had," said Dale Shehan, who was on the East Gaston High Wrestling team from 1994 to 1996.
On cross-examination Goins' lawyer did not ask one question about the wrestler's story about the camping trip. He did ask if the wrestler was punished by the coach for drinking and warned that drug use would get him kicked off the team. The wrestler said he did not wrestle his senior year because of pot found in someone else's car.

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