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Testimony begins in Gaston Co. sex abuse case


Friday was the first full day of testimony in the Gary Goins trial. He's was a teacher and wrestling coach at East Gaston High School, arrested last year for sexual abuse.

Emotions ran high in a Gaston County courtroom, Friday, when a former wrestler testified against Gary Goins.

Goins is charged with 22 sex crimes against minors.

The witness told jurors during wrestling trips he would sleep in the same bed with Goins and one night he awoke when Goins placed the witness' hand on his genitals.

The witness recalled other times where senior teammates dressed him and another young wrestler in makeup and posed in sexual positions as Goins took pictures.

He said at the time, he was afraid of Goins and terrified to go to his parents or police.

"I was scared to tell anybody. I didn't know who would believe me or what someone would say about it or anything like that. I didn't know how," he said.

The witness also told jurors Goins held alleged "mental training sessions" where the coach made the witness take off his clothes, then would sexually abuse him. Then, he said the abuse turned physical with choke outs and wedgies.

"If he had it made up in his mind that he was going to pull your underwear off, it was going to happen and it wasn't just a little wedgy, your underwear is coming off," said the witness.

During cross examination, Goins' lawyer tried to chip away at the witness' testimony by saying the "sessions" were not mandatory and he had the option to step away.

Before stepping down the witness told jurors after the alleged acts, Goins would try to comfort him.

"He'd always say, ‘you know I love you? You're my boy, right?' And I would always say yes," he said.

The witness told jurors both he and Goins were groomsmen in each other's weddings.

He also testified he finally built up the courage to go to police after his older brother, who was also allegedly molested by Goins, told him that he was going to authorities.

Goins' charges include indecent liberties with a child, indecent liberties with a student and statutory rape/sex offense of a child six years old or older.

On June 6, 2013, he was also charged with two counts of crimes against nature.

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