U.S.: Malaysia Airlines plane shot down

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The plane was shot down. That's what U.S. officials believe happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Nearly 300 people were killed. It's believed a surface-to-air missile was used. But who launched the missile? The blame is going back and forth. We'll also tell you about a recording where someone purportedly says "we just shot down a plane" that CBS News is working to verify at this hour. Plus, we're live at Charlotte Douglas International Airport where local flyers are commenting about the deadly crash.

We're learning the teen who was shot and killed in Chester County, SC was in the area to visit his mother. Police are looking to solve what is the first homicide of the year in Chester.

FedEx has a problem on its hands. The major shipping company has been criminally indicted! We'll tell you why.

Will Mecklenburg County residents get to vote on whether to increase the sales tax to pay for teacher raises? We'll tell you what could get in the way of that referendum every making it to a ballot in November.

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