Former Panthers GM talks about Greg Hardy case

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Former Panthers General Manager Marty Hurney is weighing in on football player's Greg Hardy case.  A judge found Hardy guilty of assaulting a female.

The domestic violence case involved drugs, guns and abuse. Hurney said on his radio show with Al Gardner on ESPN 730 those were three No-No's from the Panthers organization and Hardy should not have found himself in that situation.

"I feel very badly for the Panthers and Mr. Richardson," Hurney said. "Just because I know more than any other team in the league, this effects them more. It is so important for the employees and players to represent the organization, the city, and the region - that's stressed from day one."

The former General Manager said what stood out to him during the trial is when Hardy got smart with the attorney when asked was champagne considered alcohol.  Hardy's response what I'll leave that up to you.

"Don't get cute," Hurney said. "Just be respectful."

Hurney also mentioned on his program how the NFL usually treats assault cases like Hardy's when there is an appeal.

"If they follow what they usually do," Hurney said. "I don't think that the League will get involved with this until the appeal process is through."

Hardy's law team is not pleased with the verdict and is appealing the judge's verdict.  They want a jury trial to decide Hardy's innocence but Panthers owner Jerry Richardson may not wait until a trial to react.

"Mr. Richardson likes taking care of his own problems," Hurney said. "Could they suspend Greg Hardy for a couple of games, two to four  games and say listen conduct detrimental because the situation you put yourself in put our organization in a bad light."

Officials from the Panthers say they are still reviewing the case and are not prepared to make a comment at present time.

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