How to take care of your car’s windshield

auto repair in Charlotte
auto repair in Charlotte
auto body shop in NC
auto body shop in NC

If you want your vehicle to stay in good condition, you need to take care of all of it! Not only do you want to keep up with the routine car maintenance it needs, you have to take care of necessary auto repairs. If you have a crack or chip in your car's windshield, bring it to our Toyota Collision Center in Charlotte right away. Our professional can fix it for you with Charlotte auto repair before it becomes a danger to you or costs you any more money!

Avoid the need for auto repair in Charlotte

If your windshield is perfectly fine right now, we're sure you'd like to keep it that way and avoid the need for auto repair in Charlotte. This is why the professionals at our auto body shop in Charlotte are sharing tips for keeping your car's windshield in pristine condition! Here are just a few of our windshield maintenance tips:

  • Avoid parking in direct sunlight: Instead of parking in the sun, we suggest parking in the shade where the temperature is cooler. Heat can cause glass to expand and become weak, which can cause it to crack.
  • Keep windshield wipers clean: You should always check your windshield wipers before using them. This is because dirty or old windshield wipers can cause damage to the windshield by scratching it!
  • Don't tailgate other cars: This means you shouldn't drive too close to vehicles in front of you, as this can land your car at our Toyota Collision Center for auto repair in Charlotte! Other vehicles can kick up debris, which can hit and damage your windshield. Plus, other drivers can carelessly throw trash out their window that can hit your car!
  • Use sheltered parking: If you have the option of sheltered parking at home, we suggest you take advantage of it. This will protect your windshield and entire vehicle from debris falling from trees and buildings. It'll also keep it safe from pedestrians!

Get windshield repair in Charlotte right away!

If you notice a small crack or chip in the windshield of your vehicle, you should bring it to our Toyota Collision Center for windshield repair or replacement right away! Driving with a cracked windshield can be extremely risky. Luckily, our professionals can remedy the situation with an auto repair in Charlotte.

It's easy to ignore a small crack in your windshield, but this isn't something you should overlook. If you get the small crack or chip taken care of before it grows, most of the time it can be fixed with minor windshield repair. However, if you ignore it, it can cause a spider web effect and expand! This can disrupt your view and can cause dangers while on the road. In this instance, you may need more extensive auto repair and have to replace the entire windshield. 

Find out more about what our Toyota Collision Center can do for you by calling us at (888) 732-5320. You can also drop by to get the auto repair your car needs at 13429 Statesville Rd. in Huntersville.


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