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Get helpful tips for shipping your new Toyota!

new Toyota in N Charlotte new Toyota in N Charlotte
Tips for shipping a car Tips for shipping a car

You can normally drive your new Toyota anywhere you need to go, but what do you do when you need to get your car across the country? You can always try to make the long drive or you can ship it! Shipping your N Charlotte Toyota may sound like the easier route to take; however, it also takes work. You want to be sure you're doing all of the necessary preparation to ensure your vehicle gets to its destination without a hitch! Toyota of N Charlotte wants to help with our tips for shipping a car.

Get your new Toyota in N Charlotte ready for transportation

If you own a new Toyota in N Charlotte, we're sure it's one of your most valued possessions. This is why you don't want anything bad to happen to it during transportation. If you want your car to make it to its final destination without any bumps in the road, it's important you take time to prepare it! Here are some of our tips for getting your new Toyota in N Charlotte ready to ship:

  • First, you should make sure all of your valuables are out of your car. You don't want to leave anything in your new Toyota that you wouldn't want to lose, as you never know what can go missing while your car is en route!
  • You should also clean the exterior of your vehicle before sending it off. Although it probably won't stay spotless during transport, this step is still important. This is because you can inspect your car before shipping it and check it for any existing damage. 
  • We suggest you also document the condition of your car. Like we said, you should inspect it for damage and take pictures or write down what you see. This way, you know if there was any harm caused to your car during transport. 
  • Instead of filling up your gas tank, it's smart to keep it only 1/4 full. Filling the gas tank will make your car heavier, which can make it tougher and more expensive to ship!
  • Don't forget to also fasten any specialty auto parts on your new Toyota or new Scion in N Charlotte, such as the rear spoiler. If you're shipping a convertible car, you need to put the top up and make sure it's secure!

What type of trailer should you use to ship your new Toyota near Charlotte?

Once you have everything prepped, you have to find a reputable company to ship your car. One of the decisions you'll have to make is whether you want to use a closed or open trailer. Closed trailers are more expensive because they keep your car safer, which is why they're typically used for luxury or classic cars. An open trailer is most cost-effective, but you have to remember it'll leave your car exposed to outside elements!

Visit Toyota of N Charlotte and let us help you prep your car for transportation or for any other automotive need. We're located just off I-77 on exit 23. You can also give us a call at (888) 883-3797 for more information.


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