A digital prenuptial agreement

Digital prenuptial

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's another sign we are living in a digital age.

Many family attorneys now say they are seeing a trend where couples discuss BEFORE they get married what happens to the digital data they accumulate while they are married.

This could include photos, purchased music that's "in the cloud", videos, social media accounts and more.  So if you are a public figure on social media and your brand for your profession is your online persona, you need to protect your digital assets.

Advice for couples from WBTV Cyber Expert Theresa Payton follows:


1.  INVENTORY YOUR DIGITAL ASSETS BEFORE YOU ARE MARRIED:  Track down everything you own, post, and share online

2.  TALK ABOUT IT:  Talk with your fiancee about their digital collection and your concerns about keeping your own persona and your digital assets

3.  PRE NUP:  If you are a very active person in the digital world, professionally and personally, seek the advice of a family lawyer to draw up a pre nup.  We hope you'll never need it but it's better to have it in place just in case you do

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