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The 'Geek Squad' invades Charlotte schools


The Geek Squad Academy is making a difference for about 140 Charlotte - Mecklenburg School district (CMS) students. It's a two day academy geared to help students prepare for their future.

"We wanted to get 21st technology in the hands of the youth and students," Geek Squad Member Megan McCollum said. "Cause it really could ignite and interest them in technology."

The academy involves robotics, digital photography, film production, digital music and programming. Students believe this academy is worth attending and will help with career options.

"It opens up new doors," Hough High School Student Tyler Blankenship said. "And I was thinking about going into mechanics engineering, but it could change and I can go into robotics. It broadens the scope for me."

The Geek Squad is spending about $50,000 for the academy at Hough High. It conducts them around the country. This is the 8th year The Geek Squad hosted an academy within CMS.

Technology is part of Hough High's immediate future.  Next school year the school will implement a new initiative. About 50 students will form the school's first Junior Geek Squad. 

"They are going to be trained on their curriculum," Hough High School teacher Justin Keene said. "On how to repair all these devices and work on it and go further into robotics." 

While students are getting new skills, teachers will be getting more training on how to teach effectively with hi-tech tools that are now available. Keene will be responsible for that training. He believes it is needed. 

"No longer am I watching the kids write and looking at the top of their heads," Keene said. "But instead we are conversing and talking about things we never talked about before."

The academy is free for the students and all who applied participated.

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