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Police reinterview Maggie Daniels' neighbors, ship evidence to state lab

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It has been nearly two and a half weeks since a popular Newton teacher was found dead inside her apartment and investigators say they are reinterviewing people about the case.

According to Newton police, officers continue to search for clues into the death of Maggie Daniels.

The body of Daniels, a teacher at Newton-Conover High School, was found on June 28.

Investigators are continuing with initial interviews, police said on Monday. They were out in the neighborhood interviewing neighbors. They are also doing a second round of interviews to "clarify information gathered from recent interviews" in the case.

Authorities say it is not because they are targeting anyone, it's because as the investigation goes forward, they develop more questions to ask that they didn't have before.

Police say they are also looking into social media, financial and telephone records for additional information in the case.

Last week, investigators released a surveillance photo of Daniels shopping at Walmart the day before she was found dead. They were hoping someone would recognize her or remember something about that day.

Newton Police Chief Donald  Brown says his investigators are not at the point where someone could be charged in the death of the popular teacher.

Brown says progress is still being made, though it is moving slowly. The public's help is critical in the investigation they say.

In addition, a number of bagged-up items that could be evidence were taken to the state SBI lab in Raleigh. One item filled a huge box that could barely fit into the deputy's SUV.
Officials would not say what was in the cardboard box, only that experts will look at it.

On Tuesday, investigators expect to keep talking with people and following every lead that comes in.

"This case is a top priority," said Brown.

The cause of death has not been released but investigators say it was murder.

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