Rare plant blooms, brings curious visitors

One look at Janie Mixon's Fort Mill front yard, and it's clear at least one of her thumbs is green.

"People are forever stopping, they want to know what that plant is," Janie said.

But people aren't stopping to survey the black-eyed Susans. It's the cactus that has everybody captivated.

"It couldn't have been more than 8 inches tall when I put it out there, and for 10 years I've been watching it mature."

It's called a Century Plant because legend has it, every 100 years it shoots up a strange looking stalk with even more bizarre looking blooms. But the legend is actually wrong. The plants only take 10 years to bloom, and once they do, they're done.

"I just think its a beautiful plant and it's like losing a part of my family that it's dying," Janie said about the pending death of her plant.

This is all she wrote for the Century Plant she calls Ginny. It won't be long now, poor Ginny will be pushing up Daisies.

The idea of losing such an interesting bit scenery is quite tragic. But once old Ginny bites the botanical dust, Janie has plans.

"I'm going to put another Century Plant there because I have some just waiting to go in that spot."

Century Plants spawn babies so to speak, so her offspring will take Ginny's place, and in another 10 years, another spectacle will bloom again.