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Pineville police using technology to fight crime


The Town of Pineville and the Pineville Police Department are in the process of installing a township-wide wireless surveillance camera network.

Lieutenant Corey Copley tells WBTV their goal is to add new, advanced technology to better serve and protect Pineville.

"We wanted to put them in the most highly populated areas. It's not necessarily something that we are going to be a ‘big brother effect.' That is not the intent once so ever. It is more or less a safety aspect," Copley said.

Officials say town leaders approved the cameras and they were funded through the police department's budget.

The first set of cameras was installed at Jack Hughes Park. Officers said this location was picked because it attracts large crowds of people.

Copley also told WBTV the cameras will help produce a "force multiplier" for his department.

So far, four cameras are in circulation. Town leaders are working to pick other locations around Pineville that will have cameras in the future.

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