Four-year-old playing with lighter causes fire

Hello and good morning! It's Christine Nelson with this daily morning email. Today is Monday, July 14. As you're waking up I wanted to give you the first look at the stories we're covering when you turn on WBTV News This Morning. We're live from 4:30-9:00 a.m. on WBTV and Bounce TV.

A local mother wants parents to learn from her story. Her four-year-old was playing with a lighter when the apartments they were in caught fire. More than a dozen people are misplaced right now. WBTV's Mark Davenport has more details in a live report. He is on your side with useful tips on how to prevent something like this from happening to you.

We have an incredible example of forgiveness to tell you about. Her name is Maryann Kauffman. She is the widow of Marco Kauffman. If the name sounds familiar Marco was shot and killed when he walked in men who were robbing his home in Rowan County. She is sharing her personal thoughts on how she is moving forward in the midst of this horrible tragedy.

International news happening now: Israel's offensive on the Gaza Strip is a week old with no signs of slowing down.

VIDEO ALERT: An SUV crashes into an apartment complex pool. Police are trying to get to the bottom of how it happened.