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CMPD's summer initiative to lower crime


The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department has 13 patrol divisions to respond to crime in Charlotte. Now, in addition to those, police will also look at things from a broader perspective --northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest.

For the summer, each of those four areas will have a task force with an assigned group of officers.

The mission is to identify crime trends and locations.

"We don't wait until homicides happen" said Major Jeff Estes, of Charlotte Mecklenburg Police.  

With an eye on decreasing murder scenes, a task force in the northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest... is watching to see where there's an increase in the types of crimes that tend to lead to deaths.

"Carry and conceal charges that we see, folks - citizens who report gun fire in the area, if we have gang activity, if we have assault by pointing a gun."

Some of the neighborhoods - like Farm Pond and Albermarle in the southeast area, Bradford Drive in the northwest - officers say are chronic hot spots for crime. Other have recently popped up on the radar.

Investigators tell WBTV they're noticing that marijuana is driving the crime in Charlotte.

Police say once they spot escalating problems, they conduct operations, sweeps, traffic stops - to get the crime under control.

Major Estes said "in our business, a number is a victim. So our goal - the fewer victims, the better."

Police say a lieutenant is in charge of each task force, and that lieutenant directs the activities of the officers assigned to the task force.

So far, police say this initiative is only for the summer - to try something different.

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