Macy's story of recovery

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - How might you handle the type of curve ball life can throw now and again that completely changes the way you live?

Macy Keziah is handling it with grace.

She'll admit, she would sometimes drive a little too fast.  She knows she should have slowed it down on a recent rainy day in Union County.

"The weather was horrible and the roads were bad," Macy explained.

She was headed to meet her mom.  They were going to have lunch with her little sister at pre-school.  Macy never made it, though.  Her truck hydroplaned on New Salem Road in Union County.

"I don't remember anything after my truck spinning out of control," she said.

The police report from that day clears up what Macy can't remember.   She was driving too fast for the conditions and overcorrected when the water pulled at her tires.  Her vehicle crossed the center line and hit a tree.

The next thing Macy remembers is waking up in the hospital and her family telling her that her arm was gone.

"You just push through it and you will find a way," Macy says know when she's asked how she copes with the loss of her arm.

She doesn't let much hold her down.  After nine days in the hospital and three days recovering at home, Macy was literally back in the saddle.  She's a competitive horse rider.

"It feels like home up there so I had to get back on a horse," she said.

She's already competing again, her first time back at it was at a recent charity ride her friends set up to help her raise money for the extensive medical bills she already has.  More will come when she gets a prosthetic arm.  Doctors say the nature of her injury makes her a great candidate for state of the art technology however that could be expensive.

Macy will forever be grateful to the family and friends who helped her through the ordeal.

"I should not be here at all.  There's no good explanation other than God had his hand on me," she said.

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