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Police at crime scene hours before teacher Maggie Daniels memorial service


Police this afternoon returned to the complex where Margaret "Maggie" Daniels lived in Newton.
Investigators say she was killed at her apartment in June.

Their visit came just hours before a memorial service began to honor the slain school teacher at the place she once worked, Newton-Conover High School.

Hundreds attended the memorial and had only positive things to say about Daniels.

The school superintendent David Stegall fought back tears as he said that Maggie always had a smile, and "connected with everyone."

"She was family to all of us," Stegall said, "So many people were impacted by her... She will not be forgotten."

A fellow teacher said, "Maggie was so special... she made every person feel special."

Daniels' sister, Coleen, said that Maggie was her best friend. She also said, "The outpouring of affection is overwhelming... Thank all of you!" 

Meanwhile, the town of Newton takes pride in calling itself the heart of Catawba County, but these days folks here are wrestling with the painful emotions of heartbreak.

Her picture along with an obituary greeted lunch time patrons at the H and W drug store.

Many people at the business didn't know Daniels, but customers eating at the counter feel the community has been violated and innocence is lost.

Buffy Smith understood her impact.

"She was friend to these students, and I guess to everyone, "Smith said." Really it's heart breaking."

Danny Propst agrees. "We'll it's something that we're not used to in this town, small town. Something you don't hear of," he said.

What people say they aren't used to a homicide investigation that remains open.

Bill Rice, who runs the downtown barbershop, said residents in the community are afraid because closure is slow to come.

"Somebody's on the loose that's committed a crime, and it needs to be solved," Rice said. "Peoples' minds can rest when you solve the problem."

Some see the memorial service as a big step in the healing process as the investigation continues. 

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