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Family urges others to keep watch after child dies


Monday, a Gaston County family took their child off life support after he nearly drowned in Mountain Island Lake on July fourth. 

Investigators believe four-year-old Aven Stone was underwater for five to seven minutes on Friday evening. 

Aven's aunt, Michelle Holland, tells WBTV the hardest part is that this tragedy could have been prevented. 

"It's hard to explain to a two-year-old that their brother's not coming back. He's never going to be able to play with him again," Holland said.

Aven's brother Jacob may never remember his big brother.  But memories are all that's left for Holland. 

"He had a lot of energy, he did not like to wear clothes. The last time I saw him was here at my mother's house and he didn't have any pants on. And I've got four little girls. And I looked at him and said, 'Boy, go get you some pants on,'" Holland said. 

With the laughter comes even more tears for Holland, who just wishes she could have been there Friday night. 

"How do you let a child get in the water and be under water for five to seven minutes before somebody finds him?" Holland said. 

Holland said Aven was at a Fourth of July party with his mother on Mountain Island Lake. Aven's mom ran to the store and left the child with a friend when the tragedy happened.

"My sister left her child in the care of someone she trusted to watch him. And obviously he was not watched properly," Holland said. 

Investigators believe Aven waded into the lake and was underwater for more than five minutes. 

"They had to perform CPR five different times and he was pulse-less when they got there," Holland said.

For three days, Aven's family watched a machine keep his tiny heart beating. 

"I kind of knew that he was not going to make it," Holland said. 

While it may be too late for Aven, Holland's plea is that other's won't make the same mistake.

"Watch your children closely. Because it may be the last time you see them, keep an eye on your kids," Holland said. 

The family decided to donate Aven's organs.

They're now facing thousands of dollars in unexpected funeral costs.

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