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Report: Parents need to factor in campus safety in college search


A new report shows sex crimes are on the rise on campuses of colleges and universities.

According to the Washington Post, nearly 4,000 forcible sex crimes and alleged sex crimes happened on campuses nationwide.  That number is up by 50% over the course of three years.

Those stats seem not to phase some parents looking for colleges for their children.

"They ask about scholarships," Charlotte Mecklenburg school counselor Shannon Clark said. "About majors, offerings at the different schools."

Clark has been a counselor for 10 years and says parents don't bring up the topic of crime.

"I am surprised," Clark said. "But I attribute it to parents going directly to the source to get that information - going to college campuses."

The report shows several colleges in North Carolina with high numbers.

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is in the top 10. The school reports 52 forcible sex offenses between 2010-2012 and 21 forcible sex offenses in 2012. 

Clark help get some students into Chapel Hill this year. She believes parents would be shocked if they found out about these numbers.

"They would have some concerns," Clark said. "Real concerns about the safety for their children and what is being done to ensure the safety on campus."

Politicians are now looking at this report to see if there is anything more schools can do to keep students safe.  In the meantime Clark is now giving parents this advice.

"Do the research," Clark said. "And make sure they are talking to their students about the real dangers of being on a college campus."

For more information about crime stats on campuses click here:

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