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Union county school leaders answer parents claims of cover up


The group called Citizens for Adequate Public Schools (CAPS) has filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to stop redistricting in Union County. The board approved to shuffle thousands of students to different schools to handle overcrowding.

This time the group believes they have the smoking gun.

CAPS claims when the Union County School board made a surprise move and voted to pass redistricting, they also approved maps with schools that would be assigned to several neighborhoods.

At Tuesday night's board meeting, the board passed a resolution reaffirming the redistricting with maps CAPS say was adjusted. 

"I find it a little ironic," Union County Public School parent Aaron Asbra said. "That they said that everything has been above board in the public and legal, but if it was legal why did you have to vote for these new maps."

The group claims the maps have all of a sudden changed. CAPS argues it was done in secret, behind closed doors, and without public comment. The group claims that is illegal and a violation.  They think that is proof enough to put a halt redistricting. 

Union county School Board Chairman Richard Yercheck told WBTV the parents got it all wrong.

"What folks are looking at is," Yercheck said. "That there were some lines that we cleaned up for efficiency."

Yercheck claims the maps were not changed. The reason for the resolution was to show transparency and have that document for the record.

"With all the different meetings," Yercheck said. "And everything that had gone on and was said, Everybody was not  remembering the Feb 18 meeting where staff was instructed."

Staff was instructed to clean up the maps but parents believe it was a cover up.

"Ultimately that is going to be used against them." Asbra said.

Parents and the school board are scheduled back in the courtroom on July 16 for a 2 p.m. hearing.

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