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Victim's support group wants meeting with bishop


Charlotte Bishop Peter Jugis is being called out by members of a group known as SNAP.

The local chapter of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests says the local diocese needs to practice the same outreach demonstrated by Pope Francis who met with those who were victims at the hands of clergy members.

David Fortwengler is part of the Charlotte chapter of SNAP Member.

"We want to thank these courageous survivors for reporting these crimes to police, "he said. " They've exposed dangerous predators and they helped protect children."

The response from Bishop Jugis came in a statement that said in part "I express my profound sorrow heartfelt sorrow to those, be they present in our diocese or throughout the country who have been victims of this crime. And it is a crime. Some clergy did not live up to their calling to be an image of Christ the Good Shepherd."

Anger was one of the emotions expressed by members of SNAP.


Pam Wennsten Laico had a brother that was abused in Pittsburgh, and she is among those disappointed that Stanly County prosecutors in recent days refused to move forward with abuse charges against Father Michael Joseph Kelleher.

The District Attorney's office said that he was not competent to stand trial.

"This is a church", she said. "This is a religious organization.What are they doing?"

The statement from Bishop Jugis ends by saying "I would like to ask you to keep this intention foremost in your heart: for God's grace to bring healing to our brothers and sisters who are victims of this misconduct and abuse that has occurred in our church."

"What we urge Bishop Jugis to do is what the pope did yesterday, " Fortwengler said.

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