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Behind the scenes of TV hit "Under the Dome"

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Are you watching "Under the Dome" on WBTV this summer? For the second summer in a row, the hit show is heating up television screens.

The show is actually shot here in North Carolina, with the town of Burgaw serving as the back drop for the fictional town of Chester's Mill.

The show is based on a novel by thriller author Stephen King, who actually write the premiere episode for season two which aired last week.

Kristen Miranda got the lucky assignment to hang out on the set and got some good "season two" scoops.

"Its putting people in a fish bowl and banging on the fish bowl and seeing how they react," star Mike Vogel said.

The show premise is an entire town - trapped - by a transparent dome.

The show has great visual effects and this season promises to have "the dome transforming in a lot of ways."

Kristen Miranda spent a day on the Screen Gems lot in Wilmington, on one of Dome's new sets, of Chester's Mill High School.

"Right now the school is acting as a hospital, you'll see why later," promised actress Mackenzie Lintz who plays teenager Norrie.

Actor Colin Ford, who plays Joe, gave another sneak peek to something that will happen under the dome, as well.

"As you can see lots of blankets - indication - weather is cold," Ford said.

And over the course of 8 hours, Kristen talked to the actors playing just about every new and returning character on the show.

Kristen even admitted to actor Dean Norris that his character, Big Jim, annoys her and wanted to know why.

"Because you're a girl," he replied. "If you're a tough guy like me, you'd love him."

Norris says Big Jim tries to change his murderous evil ways this season.

"He's the guy who thinks he can save the town, lead them out of chaos. And he really does believe that."

Kristen caught up with actor Mike Vogel, who plays Barbie, just after he shot another fight scene.

"What happened to you over here?" she asked, pointing to his face covered in fake blood.

"You know wouldn't be Barbie without some blood," Vogel told her.

And Eddie Cahill plays new guy, Sam, who is Big Jim's brother-in-law.

"He has a strong connection to the legacy his sister left behind," Cahill said.

Lintz added, "I think people will love [the new season]. High energy, high crisis."

The show's executive producer and director admit they have taken liberties with the show to deviate it from the book, but think the shows fans are okay with it.

But will they get out of the dome?  No one would say.

"You're going to find the show open itself up in an interesting way that will put a lot of those questions to bed and I'll leave it at that," Vogel teased.

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