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Thieves rode light rail to Archdale corridor for home break-ins

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Police in the Steele Creek division are keeping an eye out for thieves who are targeting the Archdale corridor area. Between mid-May and mid-June, police say they were nine home burglaries along the Archdale corridor.

Detectives believe they've caught one of the people responsible for three break-ins.

Investigators arrested Rita Tsheba Tshamala after they say a fingerprint at the scene of one of the burglaries matched Tshamala.

Officers said there were three break-ins in a cluster, including two at the same apartment building that happened while people in those apartments slept during the overnight on June 4th.

Investigators believe Tshamala was part of a group of juveniles and runaways who were riding the blue line light rail because it was easy to hop on and off.

"Using the light rail to get back and forth to downtown and here" said Lieutenant Mark Santaniello. "As a matter of fact she was caught at the transit center downtown and we knew from interviewing her and her friends that they like to travel that route. It makes it easier to get on and off."

Lt. Santaniello said the Archdale corridor has been a target for thieves because "we have a large a concentration of apartment complexes. We have five right in there. Close proximity to South Boulevard plus the light rail line so you have people coming and going, in and out, a lot of foot traffic. And there's a lot of targets pf opportunities."

Lt Santaniello said since Tshamala's arrest, the burglaries fell off.

Police are urging residents to "do the common sense things to secure residences. Keep windows locked and bushes trimmed back. Keep a good rapport with your neighbors. Let them know when you're going to be leaving - what cars should and shouldn't be there."


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