Fibrant signs up first gigabit customer

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - The City of Salisbury's Fibrant network announced today the successful launch of its gigabit internet offering, according to a press release provided to WBTV.

Fibrant subscriber Dale Gibson has been onboard from the very beginning when he signed on to participate as a beta tester for Fibrant back in 2010. When offered the chance to become a Gigabit tester in June 2014, he jumped at it. He is now pleased to be one of Fibrant's first Gigabit subscribers.

Gibson stated that, "Generally when an internet service provider gives a speed, it represents bandwidth, or a theoretical "best effort" speed, not the "throughput" or actual speed. My speed tests are consistently above 900 Mbps." A network professional for over 20 years, Gibson added that typically even in the best test conditions, it is more common to see numbers in the 800s and, "Fibrant should be very proud of that 900 number."

Mbps stands for megabits per second; a Gigabit contains 1,000 Mbps.

Fibrant General Manager Mike Jury stated, "This is a huge milestone for the City of Salisbury. We are excited that our advanced infrastructure allows us to provide far more superior speeds versus. our competition." Jury also noted, "We are ramping up our commercial services as well with the launch of these advanced speeds."

This news comes on the heels of the City's announcement yesterday of the signup of Fibrant's 3,000th subscriber.

When Fibrant began offering services for sale in November 2010, the basic residential internet offering was 15 Mbps. Last year, Fibrant upgraded the basic speeds of all residential subscribers to 20 Mbps, free of charge. This week, Fibrant engineers began working in phases to upgrade residential customers to 50 Mbps, also free of charge.

Fibrant employs 100% fiber optics to carry a full suite of communication services exclusively for residents and businesses within the Salisbury city limits.

Residential standalone internet service starts at $45.00/month for 50 Mbps up to $105.00/month for 1 Gigabit.

For additional residential or commercial pricing on Gigabit speeds, contact Fibrant Customer Service at 704-216-7567.