Happy 30th Birthday to Rowan EMS!

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A special celebration took place on Wednesday in Rowan County to mark the 30th anniversary of the Emergency Services.

A display to honor the past was set up at the Seth Murdoch Auditorium to allow folks to come by to reminisce and look at the old pictures and equipment.

Rowan EMS Director Frank Thomason told WBTV that he believed the biggest change in emergency services is technology.

"While medical treatment and protocols have changed, that has been slight compared to the technology that is available and used today," Thomason told WBTV.   "The equipment used by the field paramedics, whether it is medical, computer, or communications equipment allows for safer, quicker, more accurate pre-hospital treatment of those sick and injured than ever before historically."

The anniversary date marks the time that Rowan EMS was formed, taking over from the old C & M Ambulance Service.  Thomason says it's an important milestone in Rowan County history.

"Prior years did not afford us the opportunity to recognize the huge change that occurred in 1984 to pre-hospital care in Rowan County," Thomason said.   "The 30th anniversary allows the county and it's citizens to pause, reflect, and appreciate not only the initial change, but the many accomplishments up to today as emergency medical care has continued to evolve in the County. "