Fighting back against retail hackers

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Most recently it was restaurant chain PF Chang's and it's customers who fell victim to online hackers targeting debit and credit card numbers.

The hack is still under investigation and the US Secret Service is on the case.  To put customers minds at ease, PF Chang's began using carbon-copy card imprinters at all of it's locations.

If you are concerned, our Cyber Expert Theresa Payton says there are some things you can do.  Her advice follows:

1.  Go online to your credit card and have your card text you every time there is a new transaction.  if you don't want all transactions, set a threshold

2.  Contact your bank and let them know you were a customer at PF Changs and ask them if they want you to get a new card

3.  Go back and look at old statements to see if anything looks strange that you may have overlooked before

4.  Freeze your credit if you think someone may try to pose as you to open up a new card


There might be a small fee depending upon your situation to freeze your credit.

Here are the links to set up a credit freeze:


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