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Suspects in Gallatin home invasion arrested


The men are shaken up, bruised and in some pain, and what happened in their Gallatin home a few days ago still makes sleeping difficult.

Felipe Del Rio was suddenly jolted awake by three men who were armed.

"They started to punch me with a gun and said ‘Where's the money? Where's the money?'" said Del Rio.

Del Rio said he did not know what money they wanted and had never seen the trio.

His black eye is a constant reminder of the sudden attack early Saturday morning.

"They hit me with a gun over here on my face," said Del Rio.

Del Rio said his roommate was hanging out on the front porch when he was confronted.

"One of the guys approached him with a gun in his hand," said Del Rio. "Then he put him inside the house and started to be him up."

Del Rio said the men took several items, including cash, a TV and a laptop computer.

Gallatin police followed the clues to Floyd Howard, Jessie McBride and Angela Borden.

Investigators found two of them hiding in a Nashville home along with a few other things.

"While at that location, they didn't recover property from this robbery," said Gallatin police spokesman Bill Storment. "They did determine some of it was pawned at a Nashville pawn shop and did recover laptop computers that were taken in several robberies in Nashville."

Storment said the three don't have a connection to Del Rio or his roommate, but they do have a connection to the area with several arrests.

An arrest brings some relief to Del Rio at night.

"I don't feel better, but I feel safe," said Del Rio.

Gallatin police said Borden was involved in the crime but not the attack. They would not go into more detail.

Police are looking for two other people believed to be involved with the crime.

Contact Gallatin police if you have information about this crime.

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