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NAACP calls for Rowan Co official to resign after controversial Facebook posts


The NAACP is calling for a Rowan County official to resign over comments he made on his Facebook page. They are accusing him of racism, and want him removed from his job.

The uproar involves comments on Rowan County Housing Authority Chairman Malcolm "Mac" Butner's Facebook page surrounding the Moral Monday protests.

Tuesday afternoon, the NAACP called for Butner's resignation, saying the comments "were deplorable and discriminative."

In ten days, Tenesha Turner could be out on the streets.

She says the Rowan County Housing Authority has asked her and many others in the complex to the leave the only place they call home.

"Now that I know it's the end and I don't have nowhere to go, it's got me," Turner said.

Her frustrations with the housing authority grew after hearing of the controversy surrounding Butner.

"It wasn't right of what he said - and he's supposed to be out here protecting us and being out here for us," Turner said.  "If Mr. Butner does not have the common decency to step down, we then demand the Rowan County commissioners terminate Mr. Butner's appointment effective immediately.

WBTV called Butner's cell numerous times, and even knocked on his door, but got no response.

Butner didn't respond to our requests, but did admit to making the comments to the Salisbury Post last week.

He also told them that he had no intention of resigning, saying he wasn't guilty of anything.

"I was going to resign because you can't fight HUD and you can't fight the press. I was going to resign because I didn't want to put commissioners or the housing authority through this as a distraction from their responsibilities and their work," Butner told the Salisbury Post, "I've talked to a lot of people since then, and I'm not going to resign because I'm not guilty of anything."

So will the commission make him resign?  Time will tell.

WBTV reached out to multiple commissioners tonight and didn't hear back. A complaint has been filed with HUD and we're told an investigation is underway.

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