Neighbors use homemade signs to stop speeders; city pledges to have a look

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - If you drive on Parkview Circle in Salisbury you can't help but notice the bright yellow and white signs with the handwritten message to SLOW DOWN.

At least a half dozen residents have put the sings in their yards in the last two weeks to combat a problem they say is putting people's lives at risk.

"It's a residential street, and it's been a cut through street, including for the city bus, and we have children coming into the neighborhood," said neighbor Christina Lynch.   "It's a transitional neighborhood and the amount of traffic and speed on this street has really grown and become a dangerous issue for children playing in the front yards."

Neighbors tell WBTV that cars frequently speed on the street, paying no attention to the 25 mile an hour speed limit.  They say the neighborhood has a lot of children and pets, and that they are often afraid to let them play in the yard.

The street is a popular cut through from Grove and Merritt Avenue to Mahaley Avenue.  It's also near two schools, and neighbors say that during the school years it's particularly dangerous.

"We don't speed through your neighborhood; we'd like you not to speed through ours," Lynch added.

"The people that fly up and down the road...we have children here, we have animals, and the danger of us backing out of our driveways, we can't see across the hill," said neighbor Amanda Lefler.  "It's just a dangerous place we need to get the slow down under control."

Neighbors say that they have reached out to city leaders in Salisbury, but have been told that nothing can be done.

Lynch said she had several ideas that neighbors have been discussing.

"Making it a dead end street, making it a one way street or even putting speed bumps through, you see that a lot in other cities," Lynch added.

WBTV contacted those city leaders on Tuesday to see if there are any options for the residents.

City Engineer Wendy Brindle told WBTV that the city is planning to do a traffic survey in the next few weeks on Parkview Circle.  Brindle said that her department had also been in touch with the Salisbury Police Department to talk about increasing enforcement in the area.

Technicians will schedule a traffic count, watch speeds, and also look at violations at the stop sign on Merritt Avenue.

Brindle said that traffic surveys are performed in the order by which they come to the attention of her department, and that as of Tuesday afternoon, there are three other neighborhoods ahead of Parkview Circle.