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Flashbacks to Flight 1016: It happened 20 years ago this week on July 2nd


What happened along Wallace Neel road was unlike any Saturday evening this city has ever seen.

Charlotte Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Dulin was among the dozens of first responders after the DC-9 jet was brought down by heavy rains.

It skidded across the woods, crashed through the fence, and found its way on top of a home.

"The access into the site was limited so we had to carry people a long way to get them to the ambulances, to get them back out," Dulin recalled.

Mack Martin lives just around the corner from flight 1016's final resting place.

"The plane from that house to the tail, "he said." It didn't seem like it was very long, but it was because you had street, then you had a fence, you had trees, and you had another fence"

Martin shared another memory.

He said, "I seen the first 12 people that come off."

That is one of the positive take aways from the crash that left 37 dead, but other changes came as well.

Charlotte Douglas has another runway, and millions more pass through this US airways hub.
While safety is a constant work in progress, neighbors worry about what the future can bring.

20 years later, Jeff Dulin feels we are better prepared, because a diverse number of agencies are reading off the same sheet of music.

"We all kind of operate together now rather than in our own separate arenas," he said.

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