Cornelius construction misspelling amuses some residents

Right turn 'Noly'?

CORNELIUS, NC (WBTV) - If you're traveling the Interstate-77 southbound off ramp to exit 28, you'll notice you can "NOLY" turn right.

After a weekend construction project, a right turn lane was incorrectly misspelled in permanent paint on the road.

Locals have been having a field day with pictures and sharing the mishap on social media. We talked to Cornelius Project Manager Tyler Beardsley who says the incorrect word was actually the product of a job finished ahead of schedule.

"I think the contractor was just in a rush to get the bridge open as fast as possible and got a little careless," said Beardsley.

He said the crew shut down the Catawba Avenue bridge Friday night in order to shift lanes into a new diamond interchange pattern. The job was supposed to take 32 hours and only took 18.

He says the crews will try to fix the error Monday night at no cost to taxpayers.

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