11-year-old writes computer code for gaming app

Many 11 year olds might find themselves addicted to playing video games, Jonathan Mendenhall seems to be addicted to making them.

"It's not complicated really, once you understand it," said Jonathan.  

But to the untrained eye, what Jonathan spends hours typing, might just look like somebody fell asleep on a keyboard. Everything you see on a computer is created by hundreds and thousands of lines of code. At 11 years old, Jonathan is learning to write it, even faster than he types it.

You could call it a hobby, but he's actually put his talent to work.

In a week and a half, Jonathan designed and wrote and tested an entire game called Speck. You can now buy it on an iphone or Android device. He's partnered with a group of other programmers to form a business, Mende Games.

A talent like this might just be in Jonathan's DNA. His Dad Tom is the director of computer IT at Caldwell Community College.

"I was pretty good at programming when I was in High School I was near the top of my class."

Jonathan's newly discovered passion for writing code has inspired his choice of a future career.

You could say he can write his own ticket, but it would appear, he already has.