First female Chief Deputy at Gaston Co. Sheriff's Office

First female Chief Deputy

As Assistant Chief Deputy of the Gaston County Sheriff's Office, Kim Johnson already handles a lot. But as of July 7th, she'll lose the assistant title and assume the role of Chief, second in command to Sheriff Alan Cloninger.

"I started out as a clerical dispatcher, way back then we were at the old jail," Asst. Chief Kim Johnson said.

Talk about working your way through the ranks. Chief Johnson started here 24 years ago. She worked her way from clerk, to detention officer, to deputy, then Sergeant, Captain and Major followed.

"In the state of North Carolina, Kim is one of the most well-respected jail administrators in the state," Sheriff Cloninger said. 

Sheriff Cloninger says respect is one of the reasons she was offered this job. From her co-workers and colleagues, he says she's earned it.

Assistant Chief Johnson even has the support of other law enforcement officers. Especially Gastonia Police Sergeant Gary Johnson, "I think it's outstanding, she has worked hard over the years."

The sergeant is also her husband, so law enforcement tends to run in the family.

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