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Giving students a chance to succeed


Nearly 1900 Charlotte - Mecklenburg school (CMS) district students are in jeopardy of repeating the third grade. That's about 17% of the 3rd graders in CMS.

They had five opportunities to take a test to pass to the next grade.  They are now in the summer Read to Achieve program to get another chance to pass to the 4th grade. 

"A lot of those students do come far behind already," CMS Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison said. "There are students impacted by mobility, English as a second language. There are a lot of challenges they come with, but the summer remediation program provides opportunities and goals for every child."

Students will spend six hours a day at the camp, which ends on July 30. Students will spend about four hours each day dedicated to reading.

"Having them to come to school 6 hours every day," CMS teacher Ullanda Tyler said.  "That has been a challenge and I know it will be - getting that motivation and stamina, keeping it going."

Administrators gave each teacher information on students' reading level.  This information is used to help teachers get students caught up.

"Those teachers have the ability to prescribe that literacy instruction," CMS Learning and Teaching Exec. Dir. Chuck Nusinov said. "Right to those students' needs."

Some parents have a problem with the summer reading program. Ashlyn Sinquefield dropped her twins off at David Cox Elementary school for the summer reading program Wednesday.

"Both of my twins have dyslexia," the parent said. "And they have also been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)."

The mother says there were 20 students in the class.

"One teacher to 20 students," Sinquefield said. "Doesn't appear to be successful to me. They have really hard time reading."

The mother is concerned there is not enough support to get her kids caught up.  CMS told WBTV there are enough teachers on hand to help students with special needs. The mother argues she didn't see that help when she dropped off kids and added the teacher didn't mention anything about the extra help.  She told WBTV she will go back to David Cox and hope things will get better for her children.

CMS says the state is footing the bill for this summer reading program.  The state is paying $1.8 million for the program. Also the district is helping about 8,000 struggling rising 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders get a leg up.  There are also in a summer program.  The state is also paying for that at a cost of $2.4 million.

At the end of the program students will have another opportunity to take a test to determine if they can pass to the 4th grade.

Here is a list of the 20 CMS sites that are offering the Read to Achieve Summer Program: 

  • Albemarle Road Elementary School
  • Ashley Park Pre-K - 8
  • Cotswold Elementary
  • David Cox Road Elementary
  • E.E. Waddell Language Academy
  • Greenway Park Elementary
  • Joseph W. Grier Academy
  • Hickory Grove Elementary
  • Hidden Valley Elementary
  • Huntingtowne Farms Elementary 
  • Nathaniel Alexander Elementary
  • Oakdale Elementary
  • Pineville Elementary
  • Polo Ridge Elementary
  • Shamrock Gardens Elementary
  • Steele Creek Elementary
  • Stoney Creek Elementary
  • Torrence Creek Elementary
  • Tuckaseegee Elementary
  • Winterfield Elementary

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