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Lebanon homeowners, contractor in dispute over work


A few Lebanon homeowners and a contractor are exchanging harsh accusations. The homeowners say their money was taken with work left unfinished. The contractor argues the homeowners are just trying to get free labor. The Better Business Bureau says there's a vital step that could've prevented the whole problem.

"We're just trying to get what we paid for," said Shelley Owings, of Lebanon. "We really feel we were taken for a ride."

Owings said she paid good money to William Carey of B and C Construction for home improvement work she calls unacceptable.

"The bolts are not big enough to support all the weight of the patio," Owings said. "The steps are really out of level. The outside wood should be covered in metal, but obviously, it's not."

Across the county, Donna Buckingham has similar complaints about contracting work done by William Carey's brother, Gary Carey.

"They know what was in the deal," Buckingham said. "They took my money and they did not come back."

Buckingham said siding across the house and inside work were never finished. All the building materials were left on the porch.

"I can't get any response from anyone that they were even here," Buckingham said.

A third family who declined to be identified said B and C Construction did shoddy work on their gutters, never finished grout work and left cracks in the tiles.

"I feel like I was scammed from the start," William Carey said.

William Carey argued all the work he did was solid, and problems that came about later weren't caused by him. He said these are the only complaints he's had in his years doing contracting work. He believes the homeowners are trying to get more work out of him for free. 

"I'll pay for a lie detector test for me and her both today, and we'll see who comes out," said William Carey.

Gary Carey told Channel 4 he only stopped work on Buckingham's house because she stopped paying. Buckingham said that isn't true.

The Careys and homeowners' stories match up in one way. They all said the work and costs were decided through a spoken agreement. There was no written contract.

The Better Business Bureau advises to always get a contractor to provide a written contract which details the cost, payment plan and scope of the work.

Owings said she has filed a civil complaint against William Carey. Carey said he's hoping to someday see Owings in court.

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