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York Co. residents concerned over newly proposed government complex


Leaders in York County want residents to vote on a $60 Million bond referendum that will fund a centralized, multi jurisdiction government building.

The facility would also be home for new sheriff's department holding cells.

County leaders say the proposed government complex with holding cells would be built somewhere along the Catawba River, but that isn't sitting well with some residents.

"The idea of the holding cells definitely turns me off from it," said York County resident Amanda Mackay.

Mackay says she's all for a newly proposed county government center that county officials say would centralize multiple Jurisdictions' courts and other offices, but she doesn't like the idea of holding cells that would come along with it near Rock Hill's River Walk area.

She's not alone.

"I don't think the location is the right location because I think they'd be using high commercial land to put a facility that could go somewhere else," said resident Bernard Ackerman.

If passed by county leaders, residents will have the chance to vote on the $60 million bond referendum.

County Chairman Britt Blackwell told WBTV the proposed government center will house multiple county courts, which will make the county's court system more efficient and save taxpayers money.

But some residents aren't sold on the 20-30 holding cells that will be at the center.

Blackwell says the holding cells are needed as the County's population continues to boom and officers will be able to stay out patrolling instead of driving to the Detention Center in York.

"It's just a temporary location, it's not a jail. If they need a jail, they'll take them to the jail. The efficiency of the process, where all the population is, it just makes sense to do it this way," said Chairman Blackwell.

Yet some residents still aren't buying the idea.

"Even though I know it would probably be safe, it's just something about it that would make me want to steer clear of here," said Mackay.

County leaders say other sites are also being taken into consideration pending the current landowner's agreement to sell the land.

County Leaders say the next reading of the proposed $60 million bond referendum will take place July 26th.

If county leaders pass the second reading, residents will vote on the referendum in November.

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