Home Depot shares tips on how to transform your deck

Transforming your deck for summer entertaining

Martin Brink from Home Depot stopped by WBTV to share pointers on how to transform your deck.

STEP ONE Restore Your Deck

Winter weather can leave an old deck looking tired. Refresh your patio or deck for a clean, new look.

Refresh the wood

· Now is the time to clean your deck after a harsh winter. Refresh the wood on your deck with specific solutions to get it looking new again

· After applying the solution to the surface, use a pressure washer with a 45 degree fan spray nozzle to rinse the solution. The extra pressure from the washer is needed to eliminate excess mildew and grime from the wood. Make sure to use a washer under 1200 PSI to avoid damage to softer woods. You can rent a pressure washer if you don't have one. Allow the deck to dry for at least 24 hours before applying any kind of sealant or stain.

Repair damage

· Inspect your deck to identify damaged wood. If damage is confined to small area, replace that section rather than an entire board. If the flaw is merely cosmetic, you can remove the plank, flip it over and fasten it back in place. Use a hammer to pat down any nails that may have popped up over time.

· Splintering hand rails and stairs can be a painful hazard. Smooth these areas with an electric sander or a small piece sand paper.

· Using a restorative deck liquid and a resurfacer fills cracks up to a fourth of an inch and resurfaces concrete and wood. This problem-solving coating is 10 times thicker than ordinary paint.

· With everything refreshed and cleaned, protect your metal or aluminum patio sets by preventing rust and repelling water, mud, ice and more.

Add Color

· Unlike paint, stains penetrate and allow the natural texture of the wood to show through. Water based stains adhere better to previously painted or stained surfaces. These stains are generally recommended for woods like cedar or cypress. Oil based stains are best for areas exposed to harsh conditions.

· A solid or opaque stain is available in a variety of colors redwood and cedar.

· Then add color in your planters by filling them with low maintenance flowers, and place in empty areas around your deck. Match the flowers with your patio furniture and cushions to add punches of color and brighten your space.

STEP TWO Update Your Patio Furniture

Before your guests arrive, give your patio a pick-me-up. With hundreds of customizable and mix 'n' match options, it is easy to show off your distinct style.

Create Your Own

· Make it your own! Outdoor living furniture with customizable design elements, such as interchangeable pillows and a combination of swivel and rocking chairs, adds a personalized touch.

· The Home Depot's Create Your Own Collection Tool <http://www6.homedepot.com/patios/desktop/mixmatch.html> allows you to choose from 13 different frames and 12 color options to reflect your unique style.

Mix 'n' Match

· Construction and materials make all the difference in how the piece weathers the test of time.

· Purchase single items to add variety to existing sets or combine pieces from each collection. You can add an urban touch to your patio or channel the look of Southern France.

Swap Cushions

· Bright colors and patterns add punches of color, while neutrals like moss green, celery and silver complement existing décor.

· Bring the beauty of your indoor pillows outdoors with cushions, pillows and umbrellas for stunning colors and patterns combined with outdoor durability.

· The Home Depot's Online Patio Accessory Finder Tool <http://www6.homedepot.com/patios/cushions.shtml?&cm_sp=424339c6-095e-45d9-bb4f-18b0f6985bfa> makes it easy to coordinate a variety of cushion styles and patterns.

STEP 3 Finish Off The Space

Your outdoor area does not have to be limited to patio furniture and deck umbrellas. Accessories and personal touches accent a space to add comfort and style.

Fire Pits

· Install an outdoor fire pit or fireplace to your living area to extend your outdoor season. Be sure to measure the size of your space before selecting the right fire pit for you. Do not place a fire pit under a roof, even if the structure is open on three sides.

· Chimeneas offer compact and portable alternatives for smaller spaces and come in many sizes and styles to match your style. Use plenty of water and turn the ashes to ensure the fire and all the embers are completely out.


· Coordinate your fan with the color and style of your patio furniture for a polished look. Determine if you need a wet-rated or damp-rated ceiling fan.

· Wet-rated ceiling fans should be installed in partially covered patios, porches or other outdoor areas easily exposed to blowing rain. This fan type is also recommended for homes near bodies of water. Use damp-rated ceiling fans for covered patios or screened-in porches and sunrooms.

Complete the look

· Match outdoor accessories with the style of your home's interior for a sense of flow between indoor and outdoor living areas.

· Add an all-weather rug in a coordinating color to make your space cozy and comfortable.

· Lanterns and fountains add fun, finishing touches to your area.