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Sidewalk improvements underway at site of fatal crash


New sounds are bringing needed safety improvements to a West Charlotte neighborhood.
The work here is long overdue.

Because right now getting to the store or anywhere else on foot along a stretch of Tyvola near West Boulevard means walking at your own risk.

Lorenza Taylor is among the pedestrians who have to dodge cars on his way to the store.

"It's a residential area. You've got cars coming through here," he said. "It seems like you should have a side walk on either side of the road."

Soiled stuffed animals mark that spot where two boys lost their lives.

Back in 2012, Kadrien Pendergrass and Jeremy Brewton were killed when they were walking with their father.

Raymond Moore lives across the street from the accident site.

"It was pretty sad that morning, "he said." I couldn't believe all the stuff that was happening."

In May of last year, Dirk Brown was found guilty and sentenced to 120 days in jail for running over the two boys in the truck he was driving.

The grieving parents who lived just blocks from the accident site have since moved away, but that has not stopped the momentum or the need for sidewalks here.

Brenda Gilliam attends a nearby church and welcomes the progress.

Sidewalk supporter Gilliam said, "It's been over two years now. It's been two years so I'm glad to see them."

The two year wait came because this neighborhood project was way down the pecking order, and those who travel on foot like Lorenza Taylor question the logic of why it's taken so long.

"It's sad and disappointing that. It took something like this to right here to happen, kids getting killed in order to get a sidewalk," Taylor said.

The new sidewalk is expected to be completed over the next few days.

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