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Charlotte dives into world's largest swimming lesson


Thousands of kids from all around the world participated Friday morning in ‘The World's Largest Swimming Lesson.'

The event was created as a platform to help aquatic facilities and water safety organizations work together to communicate the fundamental importance of teaching children how to swim.

Organizers say the idea is to prevent tragedies in pools and lakes.

If your kid missed out on the chance to participate in ‘The World's Largest Swimming Lesson,' there are still several opportunities to get your child involved in a free swim lesson.

Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Aquatics will hold a pre-registration event at Ray's Splash Planet on July 1. The event starts at 5:30 p.m.

Organizers tell WBTV parents can enroll their kids in free lessons at the event. Instructors said the goal is to have every child learn how to swim before leaving the 5th grade.

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