Disabled woman rescued

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom. Our 90+ weather brought severe storms and hail to some. One disabled woman had to be rescued from her home when trees came crashing down.

An 89-year old man arrested near Philadelphia and charged with killing Jews in Nazi Germany. Johann "Hans" Breyer was a guard at the infamous Auschwitz death camp. He denies claims he had anything to do with the gassing of 216,000 people.

Tonight there's controversy teed up over an 11-year old girl who qualified to play in the U-S Women's Open golf tournament. Lucy Li is a 6th grader who's playing at Pinehurst this week. Many are rooting for her, but the world's number one female golfer, Stacy Lewis, says if Lucy were her kid, she wouldn't let her play.

Remember the kid who wanted to see his mother so he climbed into the wheel well of a jet and flew across the Pacific to Hawaii? Somehow he lived through bitter cold and lack of oxygen. Tonight, he's telling us about his ordeal.

What happens if you don't wear your uniforms on the last day of school? At one school near Fayetteville, the principal made a dozen kids walk three hours without water, in the heat, on a dirt track as punishment. Now, some parents want the principal fired.

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