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Newly announced SC jobs may affect Charlotte business owners


When you hear two new companies moving to your area, creating thousands of jobs, that's usually good news.

But what about the people affected by the companies leaving town?

Monday, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley announced LPL Financial and The Lash Group will leave Charlotte and build new headquarters at Kingsley Park in Fort Mill.

The owners of Parkway Café say the Lash Group and LPL account for about 40% of their business. They say with the companies leaving, they're now concerned.

"Our bottom line number is going to probably plummet," said Parkway Café owner Erica Bailey.

Bailey says the thought of her two biggest clients leaving Charlotte to be headquartered in Fort Mill is frightening, especially for a business she's only owned for six months.

"I'm very concerned because just being a smart business person, our menu was designed and based on our demographics. So with half of that leaving, I don't how we will recover," said Bailey.

LPL Financial and Lash Group representatives say the reason for the move is mainly due to working with the Anne Springs Close Greenway where employees can get involved in an array of activities at the greenway to improve the workplace experience.

Charlotte chamber of Commerce officials say while the news was good for the area's economy overall, it's a wakeup call moving forward to find more ways to be competitive including lower income tax rates and a simpler tax structure.

"Our economy doesn't stop at the city's limits, it doesn't stop at the county border or state boarder," said Charlotte Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Bob Morgan.

"We need to make sure we stay competitive. That means that we have the tools that it takes to be competitive in the competition of economic development," he continued.

As for Bailey, she says she will remain optimistic as she tries to find ways to stay in business.

"I don't know if we'll be able to keep our doors open with that kind of loss. In the meantime, we still have to open up every day and hopefully turn a profit," said Bailey.

Combined, LPL Financial and the Lash Group employ over 1,500 workers in their Charlotte offices.

Together, the companies will create nearly 5,500 jobs when they move into their Fort Mill headquarters.

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