Get to know the roots of the N Charlotte Toyota Land Cruiser

Get to know the roots of the N Charlotte Toyota Land Cruiser
new Toyota for sale
new Toyota for sale
N Charlotte Toyota Land Cruiser
N Charlotte Toyota Land Cruiser
If you're a fan of the Toyota Land Cruiser in N Charlotte, you probably have a taste for luxury. This new Toyota is no doubt the most luxurious model in our lineup. However, it wasn't always like this. This new Toyota may be all about the luxury now, but its durability and off-roading prowess point to its tough military roots! This may not be so evident now, but when you take a look at it long history, you can see exactly how this Toyota SUV got to where it is today.

Where did it all start for the Toyota Land Cruiser in N Charlotte?

Each of our new Toyota in N Charlotte have interesting stories about how they got to where they are today; however, none compare to the history of the Toyota Land Cruiser. This is because it has more than 60 years under its belt, which makes it the longest lasting series in the Toyota lineup! Toyota of N Charlotte is giving you a look at its past.
  • This SUV was first introduced in Japan in 1951 as the Toyota BJ. This new Toyota was used purely as a Japanese military vehicle because of its ability to take on any terrain. Once they started to realize just what it could do, it was added to the police fleet and in 1954 and renamed the Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • By 1958, this new Toyota was selling world-wide and made its way to America. However, it took some time for it to gain momentum in the states. It was restyled and re-engineered in the 1960s, which made it the best-selling vehicle in the Toyota lineup from 1961-1965!
  • The N Charlotte Toyota Land Cruiser became an icon with the FJ40, which was released in 1970. This new Toyota boasted a design much like the current Toyota FJ Cruiser in N Charlotte, which set a standard for the durability of SUVs to this day! 
  • This new Toyota continued to develop to offer enhanced performance and luxury throughout the 1980s and 1990s. In the 1990s, the Toyota Land Cruiser was truly a world-class SUV with features like a moonroof, leather seats and a refrigerator. It also held on to performance features like four-wheel drive and fine-tuned suspension to make it worthy of off-roading!
  • In the 2000s, this new Toyota had already built a name for itself and continued to raise the bar for luxurious SUVs. It started to include high-tech features like navigation and a premium audio system. It also boasted more off-roading features like Active Traction Control and Vehicle Skid Control.


Get to know the 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser

Like we said, the Toyota Land Cruiser is now the top-of-the-line option at Toyota of N Charlotte. If you want to drive this charming new Toyota, come check it out for yourself! You'll find it has a sleek exterior and refine interior that's packed with all of the latest and greatest features.

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