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Local artist says goal is to 'show ability, not disability'

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Sometimes the real beauty in art can actually be found in the artist. In Salisbury a young woman's art is on display in a local gallery, and it's a self portrait like nothing you've ever seen.

"My speech is impaired," Allison Holshouser told WBTV. 

Her words are hard to understand, but if you're patient and you listen closely, you may be blessed and inspired by what she has to say.

"I'm a little slower than most people."

Her story is one of tragedy, but may be more about hope, expressed and on display at the Center for Faith and the Arts inside Haven Lutheran Church in Salisbury.

It's expressed within two large frames, written in Allison's hand on large sheets of lightly lined paper.  She painted the pieces in her favorite color, a mixture of colors that create a brilliant purple, and they tell the story of what happened to her.

She was hurt in a car crash when just 18 months old…her art tells you that she suffered head trauma…then years later, another accident, Allison was running across the road after her sister and her cat, she never made it, she was hit by a car, her injuries left her, as she writes, like an infant…she had to relearn walking, talking, writing, eating…but she did all those things…eventually graduating from high school and college.

Art and writing are her outlets…

"Helps me express myself," Allison said.

She's writing a book to create an even more complete portrait of her life.  Tentatively titled "The Struggle," it's a project she knows will take some time, and one she is committed to fulfilling.

"Show the ability, not the disability," Allison added.

And that's what the painted rocks and pictures on display really are, portraits of ability.

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