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Taking care of the hungry for the summer

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Charlotte - Mecklenburg School District (CMS) Child Nutrition Department will be busy this summer making sure no child goes hungry.  Last summer the department served more than 200,000 breakfasts and more than 355,000 lunches.

"We don't ask any questions," Child Nutrition Area Supervisor Patricia Anderson said. "No names, no registration, just walk in off the street and eat. We want to feed kids that badly."

This service is free for students from one to 18-years-old.  Anybody over 18 years old can get a meal for $3.50. The service will also go to where the need is.

"We have about 125 sites we deliver to," Anderson said. "To our campuses and daycares."

The meals will also help parents and grandparents save some money during the summer months.

"We don't have to worry about the extra $50 or $60 a week," CMS Grandparent Elise Gordon said. "That you have to set aside for this because the kids have to eat."

Gordon takes care of her three grandchildren during the summer. She is relieved she can bring them to Barringer Academic Center to get fed.  The money she saves on food can now go to other household needs.

"That has helped us to put it where it is needed," the grandmother said. "The light bill and everything is going up,  so we do need it."

As this is a relief for many, the district believes many more can take advantage of this service.

"There are so many other communities to reach." Anderson said.

The program costs about $1.6 million.  The Federal Government will reimburse CMS Child Nutrition. Administrators say they don't make money off this service.

The program runs until August 8. For a list of sites, click here.

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