Local Beach Volleyball star makes history

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The list of top athletes from our area is forever long, however, the list of top beach volleyball players is short ... until now. Local stars from Salisbury, North Carolina are putting the sport on Carolina's radar.

Messisco sisters, Ana and Emily, began playing beach volleyball 4 years ago. This fall, Emily will attend a church mission, and Ana will head to the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

Ana recently signed her papers, in a ceremony at West Rowan high school. She is the first athletic sand scholarship recipient in the state of North Carolina.

Ana is coming off a major knee injury, since tearing her ACL, MCL and meniscus, but UAB coaches felt her talents outweigh the risk.

Six-time Olympic Gold Medalist Misty May also sees something special in Ana and Emily. They met at a volleyball match, where mMay offered to help the duo train for a future match. May followed up with the offer, and they spent several hours training on a beach in California.

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