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School Time Task Force ready to make changes


The School Time Task Force met Monday and is ready to make some changes.  The task force wants to recommend shaving off 30-45 minutes from elementary schools. This would allow elementary schools to dismiss earlier.  If approved that would please many parents.

Three years ago Charlotte- Mecklenburg school (CMS) added 45 minutes to elementary schools to prevent cuts to the classrooms.  Many complained about the schedule arguing students were getting home too late to do homework or participate in extracurricular activities.

A survey was done and now the task force is reviewing the results.  Teachers in elementary school have responded and say they do not like the bell schedule. 53% surveyed say discipline has increased since the new bell schedule went into effect. And 88% survey think the extra time adds no value to the end of their day.

Task Force members conclude this data cannot be ignored and some changes should be made. 

Task Force members are also considering a later start time for high schools.  Some complain students aren't getting enough sleep because their class time starts at 7:15AM.

"The high schoolers," Task Force Member Susan Plaza said. "Even the staff members say that a later start time would help  improve academics, and across the country that is happening - many, many states. They are seeing great results with graduation rates, improved academic achievement, lower car crashes and a host of positive impact by going to school later than 8 o'clock"

The Task Force will meet again next week and CMS superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison is scheduled to be in that meeting.

To view the survey click here.

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