Woman assault pronounced at scene

Hello. It's Christine Nelson writing you this email from my desk in the WBTV newsroom. Today is Monday, June 16. I wanted you to get a first look at the stories we're following right now on WBTV News This Morning from 4:30-9:00 a.m.

Happening now: An active search is underway right now. A woman was pronounced dead in the Steele Creek area of Charlotte. Someone assaulted her and Charlotte police are combing the area right now for clues. WBTV's Kristen Hampton has more details on what happened and what the public needs to know to help solve this crime. Tune in for her live reports.

We have another search to tell you about after an innocent child became a target in a drive-by shooting. This happened on Eneida Sue Drive in Charlotte. We have the description of the car police are looking for.

DEVELOPING overnight: The situation in Baghdad, Iraq continues to intensify. Overnight we learned U.S. troops have been moved to the U.S. Embassy to secure the building. Also, South Carolina U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham publicly saying what the U.S. needs to do stop the militant takeover of Iraq.

Plus, there is new world champion in the NBA this morning!

We'll see you on the air!