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Keenan Gay jury foreman speaks out


For two weeks their lives were put on hold as they listened to testimony, but the jury foreman in the Keenan Gay trial says he is confident they made the right decision. 

"No regrets whatsoever. We made the right decision," Larry Williams said. 

Friday, Gay was acquitted after being accused of pushing another man in front of a moving car outside a Dilworth bar in 2012.  

"There were no winners in this case. We feel deeply sorry for the Kingston family," Williams said. 

However, Williams tells WBTV there just wasn't enough evidence to convict the former UNC football player. 

"There wasn't enough evidence of what happened in those three seconds outside the bar. Eyewitnesses couldn't say beyond a reasonable doubt what happened in those three seconds outside the bar," Williams said.  

Williams says they didn't take their task lightly. The jury spent nearly three days deliberating and Williams tells us they began the process with a moment of silence for both families. 

"We just wanted to take some time to clear our mind and our hearts before we started trying to make our decision," Williams said.  

Williams said the jury realized the future of two families rest in their hands.

"You have two families involved. And the defendant, our decision will change his life and generations of his family to come," Williams said. 

But after spending two weeks dissecting Keenan Gay, how does the foreman feel about the defendant? 

"I have the utmost respect for him. He came across as very believable, very nice, very honest guy," Williams said.  

Williams added that the jury became very emotional when the verdict was reached on Friday. Numerous jurors even began to cry. 

"We were glad that it was all over with. It's hard to explain, it was just very emotional".

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