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Man arrested after cheering for his brother during graduation


Graduation day is supposed to be a celebration, but a Fort Mill man ended up in a holding cell, instead.

Friday, 20-year old Jonathan Simon attended Fort Mill High School's graduation at Winthrop University's Coliseum. He was there to cheer on his younger brother.

"We were there to support him and when his name was called I simply let out a 'Yes'," Simon said. 

But that 'yes' was a no for Rock Hill Police. Simon says officers approached him less than five minutes after his outburst. 

"He pointed at me and at first, I wasn't sure he was pointing at me because someone below me was being a lot louder," Simon said. 

Before he knew it, Simon told WBTV he was out in the hallway with police who were asking him to leave because of his cheering. 

"He said, you need to leave now, you're trespassing. And I said why am I trespassing? I bought my ticket," Simon said. 

According to the police report, Simon refused to leave, even after officers asked him to three times.

"I've never had any problems with any authority figures in my life," Simon said. 

However, Simon tells WBTV he was just asking officers why he was being asked to leave. 

"He said, you better leave in three seconds. And as I turn and look at the other officer, the original officer jumps behind me and begins handcuffing me. No forewarning," Simon said. 

The police report also states that Simon jerked away from officers when they began to arrest him. 

"I did not jerk away at all. I couldn't have resisted even if I wanted to," Simon said. 

Simon admits the audience was asked to hold all applause till the end. However, this isn't the first time Fort Mill High School has cracked down on the clapping. Over the years, countless people have been asked to leave the ceremony for their celebrations, some even arrested, just like Simon. 

"I just felt humiliated by the situation. And I felt terrible that my parents were going to have to come and get me," Simon said. 

Simon is charged with Trespassing and Resisting Arrest. His court date is scheduled for July 3.

"It's going to be my word against theirs. And obviously my word isn't going to come across as strongly as two officers," Simon said. 

Simon tells WBTV he plans on representing himself in court since he can't afford an attorney. 

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